The Facts

40 years ago, mountain biking was born on the trails of Mt. Tam and Pine Mountain. Yet today, mountain biking in Marin is largely relegated to fire roads. Access to narrow trails is disproportionately low compared to other user groups locally as well as compared to mountain bike access in other parts of the Bay Area, California, the United States and worldwide. Numerous peer-reviewed studies show both safety and environmental impacts from mountain biking are comparable to that of hiking and lower than that of equestrian use.

In an effort to provide Marin land managers with a concise resource to dispel many of the myths about mountain biking, we have compiled research literature from around the US, Canada and Australia as well as several Marin-specific studies. Go here to view and download our Marin County Mountain Biking Fact Book. If you're pressed for time, here's the one-page version.


Multi-user conflict is a hot topic for Marin land managers, but it needn't be. Very few safety incidents have been logged on Marin public lands involving bikers. 



It is a common misconception that mountain bikers are more destructive to the environment than other users. Learn what academic research and Marin's own land manager studies have revealed. 


Access4Bikes Foundation was created in 2017 with the specific goal of maintaining the trails we currently have access to and creating new opportunities for mountain bikers in Marin.