Make a Difference

The Best Things In Life Are Free. Sort Of.

Riding bikes on beautiful trails is certainly liberating, and often involves little to no money in the way of fees. But the reality is the trails in Marin and elsewhere cost money to build and maintain. In Marin in particular, the hidden cost of most new trails also entails countless hours of advocating, proposal-writing, public meeting attendance, legal fees, political campaigning and more. When you donate to A4B, you are giving much needed support for all these expenses.


Access4Bikes is an Internal Revenue Code 527 non-profit organization, which allows us to endorse and support candidates for elected office.  Since many trail restrictions are created and maintained by elected officials, we believe this is a critical component of our efforts.

Access4Bikes Foundation is an Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which we use primarily for trail projects.  Since trail projects cost money, and trail projects are tax deductible, we have a separate bank account for these donations.

Donations to Access4Bikes are for:

  • Materials and services (such as this website) which help us educate elected officials on the state of mountain biking in Marin.

  • Making contributions to candidates for elected public office who are favorable to mountain biking and increasing our opportunities.

These donations ARE NOT tax deductible

Donations to the A4B Foundation are for:

  • Materials and services (such as this website) which help us educate the public on the state of mountain biking in Marin.

  • Experts (geologists, soil engineers, biologists, etc.) to help craft formal proposals for new trails, realignments, change-in-use and decommissions with various Marin land managers.

  • Contributions to other non-profit groups such as Friends of China Camp to restore, maintain and build new trails.

These donations ARE tax deductible