Contact your Supervisor and Land Managers

It’s Your Land

If you want change, then ask for change. Write a letter to your elected representatives and local land managers. There are plenty of opportunities where land managers hold open comment periods on proposed projects, but you can also let your representatives and land managers know what you are feeling at any time. Below are contacts for the Marin Board of Supervisors as well as some of the largest land managers in Marin.

  1. Marin Board of Supervisors. These are your elected officials for the five districts of Marin. They also serve as the Board of Directors for Marin County Open Space.  Here are their contact pages.

  2. Marin Municipal Water District

  3. Marin County Parks and Open Space

  4. Golden Gate National Recreation Area

  5. California State Parks (China Camp, Mt. Tam, Sam P. Taylor, Olompali)



There is no ironclad format for writing to land managers. However, using your own words and experiences is a great start. Even if you are frustrated, be respectful. Having a specific goal is helpful, for example supporting a current trail proposal or addressing the need for connectivity in your neighborhood.

It is also helpful to cite research data, especially as refutation of misinformation often used by groups and individuals who want to further limit bike access. User conflict and environmental impact are the two most frequent issues where myth has dominated the conversation.

When a situation arises with mountain bikers as prominent stakeholders, A4B will make a public comment which we then share with our members. We encourage everyone to use our statement as a template to craft your own, or simply copy if you feel it adequately captures your own thoughts. Regardless of how you choose to use our official statement, the most important part is to let your voice be heard!