I am an intern at Access4Bikes, a junior at Marin Academy high school and race in the NorCal Mountain Bike League. I grew up in Marin and have participated and worked at Fairfax Cycling Camp for over five years. I am also an avid cross-country runner, soccer player, and skier. I have grown up having the privilege to be on trails either on my bike, in my running shoes or on my skis. I believe that the solution to being happy, healthy and staying out of trouble is being able to enjoy the great outdoors..


Emerson D. Reed

I am a sophomore at Drake, in the Revolution of Core Knowledge (or ROCK) grades 9/10 academy. Outside of school, I like to finish homework early and not dawdle so I can go out and mountain bike and hike the trails around Marin. I'm on the Sir Francis Drake Mountain Bike Team, or Pirates. This year, along working hard at school and my A4B internship, I want to work hard at being a better rider and restoring the trails that my team and others from around Marin use.

Andrew Tilley

I am a senior at Redwood and co-captain of the Redwood Mountain Biking Team. Singletrack is what I love to ride (the more technical the better), and it needs fighting for. I got involved in advocacy at the end of my sophomore year, and I’ve never looked back. The outdoors are a huge part of my life and in the summer I enjoy partaking in painfully long backpacking trips. In school my passions are math and science, and I plan to go to engineering school next year.