While a real concern, safety doesn't appear to be a real issue

As part of their Road and Trail Change-in-Use Evaluation Process, California State Parks contracted an extensive user study about trail conflict, appropriately titled "Trail Use Conflict Study." Six significant findings included:

  1. Information on trail use conflict is primarily based on opinion; little data about actual user conflicts are available.
  2. Complaints and controversy about other trail users are common.
  3. Actual incidents, including those involving accidents, between trail users are relatively rare.
  4. Trail use conflict is an important social issue.
  5. Design of trails to accommodate multiple use helps to avoid or reduce conflict.
  6. User education and outreach are key methods to avoid or reduce conflict.

Marin Municipal Water District and Marin County Open Space also conducted studies which revealed 82-94% of users had "good" to "great" interactions while on trail. 

Mountain bikers adhere to universal trail etiquette practices. We yield, announce our presence and intended route, use bells, dismount and often choose times and routes that will least impact other users. 

Further, A4B has made numerous trail proposals that take into account modern trail design which not only is inclusive of other users and maintains safety, but puts a priority on sound building practices to minimize environmental impact and reduce long-term maintenance and costs.

For more information, please view our Mountain Biking in Marin Fact Book.