Trails are the most common means by which we engage nature

Trails are generally regarded as an essential facility in parks and recreation areas, providing access to unroaded areas, offering recreational opportunities, and protecting resources by concentrating visitor use impacts on resistant tread surfaces. —Jeffrey Marion, a founding member of the Board of Directors of Leave No Trace
Cross-Country (XC) is the most common form of mountain biking, practiced on trails that feature a wide variety of terrain and routes that consist of uphill, downhill and flat sec tions—often on trails that were originally developed for some other intended use (e.g., hiking). Trail types can vary from flat dirt roads to technical rocky/rooty singletrack, may include technical trail features, and can vary in length. Typical XC riders are self-sufficient and looking for solitude, nature, exercise, and challenge from their recreational experience. — Quinn & Chernoff, 2010, p. 7

Access4Bikes and Access4Bikes Foundation believe in stewardship of all of Marin's public lands, not just the trails. However, the best way to preserve the largest amount of land is to contain use to trails. The best way to contain use to trails is to make the best trails possible and make them available to the majority of users. In the case of Marin, that would be hikers and bikers. Join Access4Bikes to stay informed of our latest trail work projects and trail proposals.

For more information, please view our Mountain Biking in Marin Fact Book.