Nature lovers, land stewards, environmentalists.

Oh yeah. . .mountain bikers too.

Our Mission

Access4Bikes and Access4Bikes Foundation share a common mission: to motivate and empower Marin mountain bikers to act in their own self-interest, to get fair and reasonable access to our public trails and to preserve the experience of trail riding for future generations.

Our History

In 1984, the U.S. Forest Service banned bicycles from Wilderness Areas (for more information on the legal history and the current effort to lift this blanket ban, click here.) Subsequently, many local Marin land managers followed suit closing almost all the singletrack in Marin to bikes, despite the fact their mission statements are expressly concerned with recreation and do not have the limited scope of use of USFS designated wilderness.

In 1999, Access4Bikes was formed as an IRS 527 organization which allows donations to be made to candidates for elected public office. The idea was that since trail closures in Marin are largely political in nature, A4B wanted the ability to directly influence decisions affecting access to our public lands.

Yet the vast majority of what A4B has engaged in for nearly two decades is trail advocacy and trail stewardship, neither of which need be political. With that in mind, Access4Bikes Foundation was formed in 2017 as a 501(c)3 organization to address our much broader focus of bike advocacy, access and protection of our public lands. 

Together, Access4Bikes and Access4Bikes Foundation strive for bike access to narrow trails in Marin that matches our large and growing user group demographic.

Access4Bikes Foundation
Board of Directors

Vernon Huffman – President

Chris Borjian - Vice President

Aaron Schohn – Strategic Counseling

Patrick McNicholas - Treasurer

Jamie Shreeve - Volunteer Coordinator

Emile Mulholland - Middle School Cycling Liaison

Board of Directors

Andrew Galbraith – President

Sandra Scott – Legal Counsel

Nat Kidder - Director of Media

Jackson Ratcliffe – Technology Geek

Rick Jones – TBD

Mike Nettleton – Art Director

Vernon Huffman - Land Manager Liaison

A4B is seeking leadership at the board level. Area of expertise needed: Political Director


Al Baumann – Retired Open Space Commissioner and Liaison to Stafford Lake Bike Park

Dave Washer – Graphic Artist

Robin Huffman – NorCal Liaison, San Domenico Mountain Bike Team Director and Coach

Heidi Adler – Events Planning and Coordination Director

Contact us  

PO Box 33
Woodacre, CA  94973